What it costs

Firstly, Let's dispel the myth that you have to be well-off to become a Freemason. It costs far less than you may think!


What does it cost to be a Freemason?

If you were accepted into Harrogate & Claro Lodge, you would be asked for certain fees which have to be paid prior to joining. These will include a one-off joining fee in addition to the Lodge Annual subscriptions, which include Grand Lodge & Provincial Grand Lodge dues.

Each Lodge meeting has an official ceremony, structured like any formal meeting; this is followed by the Festive Board. A semi-formal dinner, usually three of four courses where the brethren relax and chat over delicious food and wine at very competitive prices. There is no obligation for you to stay for the Festive Board, although most Masons do.

As this is a formal meeting, Harrogate & Claro has a 'dress code' which requests that members wear a dark lounge suit, a shirt with a white collar, a black bow-tie and black shoes. In time, certain items of regalia will be required, which initially will not be expensive, and often, there is the opportunity to buy used regalia at very little cost.

As an organisation that is charitable in nature, it is expected that all members make such a donation to charity as they are comfortable with. There is usually a raffle held for various Masonic or non-Masonic charities at the Festive Board. There is no obligation for any member to partake.

From time to time, many Lodges have a special evening or daytime event, often to raise money for charity. These are usually well attended by Brethren with their families and friends and are often more relaxed and less formal occasions.


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